Annual Fund

  • 2021/2022
    ANNUAL FUND Drive: 

    As you know, tuition alone does not cover the costs of educating St. Timothy School students. Our Annual Fund directly supports the school, allowing us to provide our six special subjects (fine arts, library, PE, performing arts, Spanish and technology) to all our students as well as maintaining our competitively low tuition.

    Make a tax-deductible donation to the Annual Fund today!

    Another critical dimension of the Annual Fund is that charitable foundations often request information regarding the participation/
    donation rate of St. Timothy’s alumni, faculty and, most importantly, parents, in assessing our merit for grants. Your gift, regardless of the amount, provides St. Timothy School with valuable leverage to obtain grants from charitable foundations. We have consistently achieved 100% participation from our school families and with the additional support of alumni, grandparents and parishioners, as well as friends and family, we are able to continue to provide a well-rounded curriculum at St. Timothy School.

    Additionally, your contribution to the Annual Fund makes an immediate and direct impact on your child’s experience at St. Timothy School and allows us to continue our excellence as a premier Catholic school on the Westside.

    Please either use the donation form to the right to make your donation now, or if you prefer to mail a check to the school, please use our pledge card on the left.


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